Maximizing Healthcare Provider Performance™ (MAX)


Over 200,000 women received health services from health care providers who partnered with WCG between 2013-2017.

MAX field representatives meet with a subset of health care providers on a monthly basis to identify any barriers to delivering high-quality reproductive health services. We hypothesize that the process of self- identifying barriers may be an important skill in and of itself that increases provider engagement and buy- in and leads to greater improvement in service delivery.

Field representatives work together with providers to solve problems and create sustainable solutions to address identified barriers. Targeted solutions include: provision of technical updates, assisting with supply chain issues, reducing harassment and stigma, garnering buy-in from management, utilizing evidence-based feedback on performance, and providing moral support and encouragement.

Field representatives collect comprehensive data on the types of interventions that are conducted with providers, as well as individual client-level data. In collaboration with academic research partners at the Center on Gender Equity and Health at UC San Diego, rigorous analyses are performed to determine which interventions appear to be the most important drivers of provider behavior change. Results and trends are given back to providers, managers, and other stakeholders on a regular basis to guide evidence-based decision making at the grassroots level.

The MAX program also seeks to improve infrastructure to create an enabling environment for providers. This varies according to country context and includes activities such as implementing a benchmarking tool to enhance the quality of care as well as helping to facilitate approval for and integration of policies in South Africa to increase choice and access for women.

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